So I Finally Updated The Theme

(of a summer place, of a summer place, is the theme, of a summer place)

Check me out, with my new theme and stuff! With the blue heading, and the black text on a white background so you can actually read the damn thing without your eyes going a bit funny! In the past, I’d not thought too much about the look of my blog; I knew I wanted it to be dark, as opposed to light, in colour, but considering I only really engaged with my posts on the writing screen, which looks the same, regardless of your blog’s theme, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

But then I started that collab blog I keep whoring out to you guys, and realised that, in an ideal world, people would read that blog, and want to check mine out because it’s covered in plugs and links; I then thought that maybe I should make this blog easier to understand, and navigate if you’re seeing it for the first time. So I picked a new theme, and simplified the widgets and stuff on the side, and made it all a bit easier to read (hopefully), rather than be stuck with the layout I picked over a year ago before I knew what I was doing.

Because it’s all well and good having a funky black background and stuff, but practicality must trump looks in this respect (honestly I never thought I’d be caught out on the wrong side of this of all divides), so a clean, easy to read layout is more important than a cluttered attempt at being edgy and cool using the rather limited tools you get from WordPress without throwing lots of money at them in return.

Also, now I get to have more colours, with the cool blue titles, and the pages tabs across the top are now actually visible, so I might as well use them, rather than being weird blobs jammed into the corner of the Piano Black theme, which make them rather inaccessible, and are almost totally invisible considering the rest of the theme is black.

I do feel more comfortable with this new theme; I’d always been irked by the eye-screwing black background of the old one, and the general clutter I’d thrown at it, so this feels much more clear and like the sort of thing you wouldn’t mind reading every day (or at least once a week).

So here’s to WordPress, and their impressively varied free themes!


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