Characteristics Of A Fine Young Citizen

Patience, young Grasshopper,
Croaked a chirp in my head,
Oh that it did not heed,
The words of that stopper,


Clarity, my Student,
Warning and wailing in time,
I wish I had the mind,
To follow their advice,


Reason, dearest Offspring,
A command in my brain,
From a source lost all fame.
Who killed every wild thing?


Empathy, my close Friend,
Softly a voice that I liked,
‘cept when I cared and just cried,
Cursèd unhappy end,


Discipline, raw Recruit,
From the highest of highs,
Would that they had the eye,
To know that stifling brute,


Artistry, you Bastard?
Now accusations within.
Keeping up the split slim,
‘tween those interests is hard,


You Bastard.


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