See You In A Fortnight

(yup, time for another break)

After a paltry 56 consecutive days of posts, I’m going to have to take another break from the blog (and wow, I’ve only been at uni for 56 days). I’m kinda burned out, will be fantastically busy (even by my standards) next week, and honestly wanna play Football Manager and not have the guilt of a blog post hanging over me every day. Just a few things to be aware of though: I’ll still be completing (or attempting to complete) NaNoWriMo, so I’ll still be writing, and I’ll still be posting on the ZPD every Monday; I just can’t commit to yet another daily project, i.e. this blog, when I’m NaNoWriMo-ing, and will spend the next five days power-writing an essay, it’s too much writing for me.

A key reason I started this blog was to write every day, but now that I’m at uni, it’s kinda happening anyway: essays are set every other week, which leads to a four- or five-day stretch of writing them in short, intense sessions, like a kind of super blogging every fortnight, and the plethora of gigs I’m going to will keep my reviewing them for a UCL art magazine for at least the next month. Then if you throw in the ZPD, the match reports I want to write but have heard nothing about for like three weeks (need to chase that up) and the convenient placement of the Writers’ Society termly publication coming up, with a poetry section, alongside my newfound enjoyment of writing poetry, this blog seems, in a way, unnecessary.

That’s not to say I won’t be stopping this thing any time soon; I like the weirdly personal and private thing I’ve got going here, where my posts aren’t popular enough to be scrutinised by people that don’t really like me, but are well-known enough to make this more conversational and communal than a diary of infinite loserness, and I want to keep that going. But maybe the emphasis should change, where I’m only writing rants, or only responding to current affairs or developments on the Internet, because I’ve got a thousand and one other projects where I can be explicitly creative or journalistic-ish (which is totally a word).

That being said, I might just resume blogging again as if nothing’s changed, and it’ll be as silly, pretentious and obnoxious as it’s always been; but that’s what you’re here for, right? Right?!

And if you are, I’ll see you on the first of December.


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