I’ll Write Tomorrow, Okay

(sadly not the title of a post about procrastination or anything – I’m just missing another day)

Sorry about this folks, but I underestimated the amount of time needed to navigate the god-forsaken dungeons of the M&S on Oxford Street, in my quest for ‘smart’ clothes for a fancy-pants ball thing I’m going to this weekend, which is the sort of thing where my best trackies (i.e. the ones without holes) probably won’t cut it.

And having spent five hours trying on an impressively diverse range of skinny black suit jackets (honestly, how there’s more than one variety is beyond me) and buying literally the cheapest of every kind of clothing I needed, I’m now going to a gig for which my mate has no ticket, so I’ll have to hang out the front and pick one up off a touter for about 6400% more than if he’d just bought it online when I told him to two months ago. I’ll probably be in an even less coherent state when I get back from that at god only knows what hour, so I’m delaying my shopping-in-M&S-sucks post until tomorrow; so you can look forward to that, or not, because it’s your life, and I’m sorry once again for missing a day’s post on a blog that claims to include daily posts.


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