I Have A Third Blog, So Go Read It

(I now have more blogs than friends!)

I’ve started a new blog, Writings Of James Patrick Casey, which is a site for my short stories, and poems, and god knows what else I come up with when I combine Red Bull, a pen, and the gnawing guilt that I should be doing something worthwhile with my English degree and interest in books. I’ve published a short story entitled Ice already, which you can check out if you are so interested.

Also, sorry that this post is just plugging another site, but I’ve spent about three hours editing Ice and twatting around with setting up the new blog, complete with a new theme, custom header made by my arty sister, and subtly different structure than for both this and my collab blog, so I’m kinda sick of being literate at the moment. Now I’m going for a run and I’m gonna play Madden.

The blog is here!


5 thoughts on “I Have A Third Blog, So Go Read It

    1. It’s not my thing, it’s a Battlestar Galactica thing (which everybody ever needs to watch – it’s like Game of Thrones, but in space, and with no gross nudity or any kind of a gender divide), and I did indeed frak up. But it’s fixed now!

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