I Keep Putting Stuff Off

(and it’s pissing me off)

I’ve not ordered my Christmas presents yet (yes ‘mine’ – I’ve got all the things I plan to give to other people because I care more about them than I do myself), and it’s literally six hours until the day itself; I’ve also not got any repeat prescriptions from my new GP, despite moving out four months ago, so I’m rapidly burning through the reserves I have left at home; and actually reading The Prelude for my course has been at the top of my ‘to do’ list for the last seven thousand consecutive days.

And I’m worried this is a result of the new, make-shit-up-as-I-go routine I’m sticking to now that I’m at uni and everything; I used to stay on top of obligations, mostly work but a crap-ton of extra-curricular shenanigans too, and take pleasure in getting them done quickly, so I could move on with my important life of playing Madden and marathoning season four of Game of Thrones. But now I just skip to those fun bits and ignore the, usually medical, things I need to do.

Amusingly, I end up getting all of these things done at one point or another, normally like five months after I first decide to do them, so there was no point in worrying about doing them early in the first place. Of course, this doesn’t stop me worrying about them, or writing a blog post about worrying about them, or even worrying about writing a blog post about writing about worrying about them, which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last hour while listening to The Misfits.

But whatever, it’s Boxing Day Eve Eve; I’m gonna procrastinate a bit longer and go get a McDonald’s.


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