Double Blogging!

(all the way across the sky!)

I’m currently writing this post (obviously), but I’m also in the middle of writing a post for my writing blog, a short story involving the line ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ from the popular Christmas carol, as part of an impending series on that blog entitled the Twelve Stories Of Christmas, where I will write a story on each day of Christmas, starting with today, December 25th, based around the corresponding line of that song, and refer to the whole bloody thing in italics as if it had any kind of artistic value.

Also, each day’s story will have a different literary genre; today’s is a noir crime story, based heavily on Adam Christopher’s Empire State, so apologies in advance if some of the days boil down to little more than lists of tropes and cliches.

So at the moment, I’m writing two posts; I’m a third of the way through the Christmas story, and I’ve taken a break to write this post, because the rest of my family isn’t up yet so actual Christmassing can’t really being yet (I could open my presents by myself but that would be a bit naff really).

I’m now eagerly awaiting the next levels of multiple blogging I’ll inevitably go through if I keep up these three blogs I’m writing for; I can’t wait to be writing a poem on my laptop for the writing blog, while tapping out a ZPD post on my phone, and bitching about how hard it all is on this blog, in a Safari window on my old iMac from about 2008 that I’ve dug out of the cupboard under the stairs and have booted up for the specific purpose.

Or perhaps the multi-tasking-ness of this could be increased further: I could write a post while writing an essay, instead of afterwards; I could write a noir story involving a partridge while doing keepy-uppies; I have four functioning limbs and twenty functioning digits after all, the world is very much my oyster.

And speaking of doing lots of things, why are you reading this? Go spend some time with your family for goodness’s sake – I know I’m so captivating and witty and am just an all-round wonderful human being, but other people need your unquestioning adoration and attention, too.

Just make sure they don’t get too much attention – I have viewer numbers to keep up you know.


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