I’m Delaying A Post

(and replacing it with nothing!)

I intended to have today’s post be the YAB Awards, considering it’s an end-of-year-review sort of thing, and today is veery much the literal end of the year. But I won’t have time; that’ll be a very long, angry post, which I don’t have time to write right now, because I had my first lie-in of the year (not kidding on that one), and am going out for New Year’s like a social frakking butterfly tonight much earlier than I expected, so my writing time today has been squeezed from an anticipated ten hours to closer to five, because of tragic things like sleeping in beds and having friends.

So I’ve decided to prioritise today’s Twelve Stories Of Christmas post, considering that must (within the confines of the arbitrary conditions I set for myself) come out today, while this blog is slightly more flexible, and the YAB post can be delayed as long as it’s around the general time of New Year’s, and I stick up a post of any kind today to keep my streak going. So sorry for giving you, the much larger, more responsive audience of my three blogs, the shaft on this one, but it shouldn’t happen again.



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