Post Your New Year’s Resolutions Here!

This is quite a good idea, really.


2015 new years illustration with christmas balls

Happy New Year!

Even though we can start fresh any day of the year, this is the day to declare a new life path starting on 2015.

If you read my previous post about setting impossibly high expectations for yourself, and read my ridiculously ambitious goal, you’ll hopefully be inspired to tap into your inner child (or dreamer) and start laying out a path for yourself toward that goal today.

So now’s your chance to put it in writing. Share with the world, not your New Year’s resolution, but your life goal that you are going to actively start pursuing today!

Just click the title of this post and leave a comment below. Have you already written your own blog post about your new goals? Then feel free to paste the link below!

Share your impossibly high goals and inspire us all to expect better of ourselves!

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