Hey Sky, Keep Shaun And Jeff Please

(and Kevin; maybe relegate Neil to the designated superfluous guy, and only bring Cecil out when a zipline is involved)

This is a bit of an impromptu post; I’m watching some NFL at 2am on Sky Sports as is my custom, and I’m realising that the punditry duo of former Super Bowl-winning safety Shaun Gayle and current Hamilton Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Reinebold is a wonderful combination. I don’t imagine too many of you guys will understand what I’m talking about here – either because you don’t know about the NFL, or these two pundits in particular – so I’ll define the guys in question briefly: Jeff is an informed, no-bullshit kinda guy who can cut through fluffy or generic questions put to him and come up with a relevant, interesting and meaningful response; and Shaun is an unusually calm bloke talking sense about football, a bit like an estranged American cousin you only see twice a year but when you do it’s never awkward, they make some surprisingly reasonable points about politics or history, then bid you farewell with a basket of baked goods and a promise to keep in touch you’ll feel bad later for not fulfilling.

And this has only come about because, as do so many opportunities in sports, because of an absence; ‘starting’ host Kevin Cadle is strangely absent from this evening’s broadcast, so Neil has been kicked out into the host’s chair, creating space for Jeff and Shaun to tear into defensive schemes and Head Coach-hiring priorities without ever becoming excessively cynical or aggressive. It’s all a bit emblematic of the injury-plagued rosters of the Cardinals and Steelers they’ve been discussing tonight.

And I don’t have any more to say about watching the NFL at 2 in the morning three days into giving up caffeine, because it’s 2 in the morning, I’m trying to watch the NFL, and I’m sleep-deprived because I’ve not had caffeine in three days after living off it for two years.

So bye.


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