66,211 Words

(is that the first number I’ve used in the title of one of these posts without referring to it in letters?)

It’s done. It’s finally done. The Twelve Stories Of Christmas, a deceptively ambitious writing project in which I attempted to write one short story, of at least five thousand words, every day for the twelve days of Christmas from December 25th to January 5th, has been finished. Hoo-frakking-ray.

And I don’t want to sound like I dick here, and I am appreciative of any and all thankings that may occur in the comments of this post, but I kinda wanna forget about the whole traumatising experience and move on with my life! These things took eight or nine hours a day which, when you’re in the middle of giving up caffeine and are only awake for ten hours a day tops, quickly takes up all of your life with a thing that you know is of poor quality and you’re only doing because you’re a literary masochist and still have a burning sense of regret from failing NaNoWriMo. But whatever, it’s done.

But I am genuinely pleased with what I’ve done, especially with regards to how a narrative is constructed, maintained and concluded over the course of a text, which is something I’ve never really experienced before as a writer, only writing these endless blog posts and immensely long epic novels where an ending doesn’t really need to be factored into the equation for another hundred chapters or so. One day, probably over Easter or Summer, I’ll do a proper review of my work over this period – because doing a thing is worthless if you’re not going to review and improve upon it later – but for now, there’s the number of words I’ve written in these last twelve days, and here’s to the next week I can spend goofing off and playing Civ V.

Wait, uni starts next week.

And I’ve neglected an entire term’s worth of reading in favour of that dumb writing project.



14 thoughts on “66,211 Words

  1. You’re giving up caffeine o.O no coffee??? TEA?
    But then. Who am I to talk. I switched to decaf ages ago. But recently I had to buy regular because that’s all they have in coop. Not co-op.
    Coop. πŸ™‚

    1. I thought I’d finally give up drugs after associating with a no-drugs movement for the last three years or so. If I’m gonna be pointlessly pretentious, at least I’ll be accurate about it!

      And, if its not too much of a shock, I’ve never got into coffee or tea. It’s been all diet cokes for me, to the point of insane, unable-to-sleep addiction!

      1. Ah diet coke! Now, I don’t like fizzy drinks but my family are pretty picky with coke. Meaning, no substitute pepsi, and always normal coke! πŸ˜€

        1. Blasphemy! Many an evening has been spent in my house arguing over the superior beverage – diet coke or coke zero. There was once a time I could tell them apart by tast alone; that wasn’t my finest hour.

            1. WHOAAAA! πŸ˜€
              I couldn’t live without tea for six months. God, the embarrassment in shops, too. Weird kid ogling at the teabags in aisle five, people.

            2. I’ve spent many a time searching for towels in chemists, which they helpfully locate in the feminine hygeinie aisle all the frakking time, so I feel rather out of place.

              And can you oggle at teabags?

            3. HA HA HA XD
              …right. You’re asking for it, really.

              Hehe well *casually strokes mug* he he he, Me and my tea!

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