Mass Effect 3 Is Glorious

(and 2! And presumably 1, which I haven’t played)

Another awful non-post today because I’m still seeing how much easier video games are after an extended period of writing, so here’s a single thought for you: Mass Effect 3 is glorious.

I’ve beaten Bioware’s sci-fi action/adventure shooter space opera political epic (this is why I hate the concept of genre) before, so I know the endings … leave a lot to the imagination (a nice bit of Paragon phrasing there), and how they’ve been improved (from being utter garbage to ‘almost tolerable’) with the extended endings, which I’ve since downloaded but not actually played through, but the rest of the game, and all of ME2, are wonderful cinematic, interactive, and downright fun when it comes to action gameplay, pieces of art – because games are art, and few support this theory more than Mass Effect.

I’ve only got through the opening stage on Earth on this new playthrough (I intend to beat the game in three days before going back to uni), and I’m just as sad for Shepard’s loss, and fearful for the future of mankind, that I was the first time, perhaps even moreso now that I’m paying more attention to the dialogue rather than skipping through it in a fanboyish manner to reach the end as quickly as possible, and I’m getting Shepard and Anderson’s anti-bureaucracy, almost anti-Council sentiment as military men dabbling in politics, as well as Ashley’s early mistrust of Shepard for his ties to Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, combined with the volatile new squadmate James that presents a Normandy almost as fractured as the political and social structures on Earth that they’ve left behind. This might be new, Pretentious English Student James taking things too far, while Eager Sixth Form Student James was more content to see a sci-fi shooter as a frakking sci-fi shooter, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

So there you go. Mass Effect 3 is awesome. And I might write something with more depth tomorrow, but don’t count on it; I’m more likely to plough through a twelve-hour all-night Mass Effect 3 session.


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