A Dull Photo

(now that I have an iPhone with a camera on it I feel like a pro photographer)

A dull photo

That right there is a dull photo: it’s a poorly-framed, cheaply-shot image of, honestly, a pile of pillowcases, towels and Lonsdale underwear, some of which I plan to take back to uni, and some of which will remain in this pile after I leave; and that is honestly all there is to say about that collection of pixels shoved in front of your face.

But will said tedious collection of pixels result in more views for this post, the criteria I am using to define whether something ‘matters’ in the title? I’d suppose so, even if it’s only a small impact; big, colourful things like pictures are genuinely easier and more attractive to look at than a block of black text on a white background (which is why all YouTube thumbnails are the same sensationalist horseshit), so perhaps people will click on this post if there’s something nice to see, even if the post itself is tedious.

I’ve tried to keep this post as dull as possible as well, to ensure any interest in this post stems from the presence of a picture, rather than any controversial or topical opinions expressed in the title, or the post itself being engaging or well-written. This is a crap post with a crap picture, which might gain more attention than a (hopefully) thoughtful post with no picture.

And if I’m wrong I can comment on it tomorrow or something; today’s post is about discussing little, and concluding nothing interesting.


8 thoughts on “A Dull Photo

      1. Windows, clouds and food are particular favorites of mine.

        Really though, the cool thing about pictures of mundane things is that you can remember daily life which often changes drastically without your realization.

        1. I don’t like taking photos normally for that exact reason, that I prefer to have a hazy, vaguely happy memory of things rather than knowing each individual detail which invariably includes some stupid, regrettable thing I did. That being said, actually documenting life around you and how it changes would be much easier with pictures – at least I’d be able to see how much / little crap there is in my room at any particular time.

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