I Have A Book Called Space Cowboy

(god, aren’t I interesting?)

Another day of crappy phone posting here, so I thought I’d tell you about perhaps the greatest book title known to man: Space Cowboy.

I’ve read most of the book, although several years ago now and intend to reread it as part of my plan to read like two books a month outside of my course for the rest of the year, but the premise is still fresh in my mind: there is a cowboy. And he is in space.

And we’re not talking space cows here (I think), just regular, mooing cows, herded around by a guy in chaps on horseback, that just so happens to take place on the planet of Aletha Three, as opposed to the state of Texas.

The book is written by Justin Stanchfield, who ought to immediately win every trivial writing award known to man (like the Booker Prize) for his effort, and I can already recommend the novel to you simply on its fantastic name alone; because the story may turn out to be total shit, but it’ll always be prefaced with an awesome title, which is something that can never be taken away from us.


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