I Kick Balls. Deal With It!

(have I mentioned my Internet situation recently?)

Here’s a new ad campaign to encourage women to take up sport here in the UK, which tries to get over a problem women seem to have with exercise, that you look like shit while you’re doing it (this isn’t entirely me misunderstanding the situation here – I’ve had female friends give me that exact reason for not doing sport, so I guess it’s like a thing or something?).

And this campaign probably won’t work for everyone: opposers of equality will claim it’s unnecessary, and a lot of feminists will probably criticise it for being too abrasive and blunt (dare I say ‘masculine’, even?) in suggesting that looking like shit isn’t just a consequence, but a necessary part, of being active. But I like it a lot; it’s simple, in-your-face and pretty clever, and reinforces the key point of gender and sport: both men and women have legs to run with, arms to lift weights with, and goals and personal bests to compete with.


2 thoughts on “I Kick Balls. Deal With It!

  1. I have been thinking about campaigns like this recently.. Although this style may not work for everyone, everyone is different so we need lots of different approaches!

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