The Window Of Eating

(this sounds like a frakking Wordsworth poem)

I am going to play dodgeball within an hour, and it promises to be one of those ridiculous training sessions that can tear multiple muscles in half an hour and scar your for life into never dismissing dodgeball as ‘not a real sport’ ever again (and considering I can’t walk down stairs without killing my calves after karate on Monday, I might indeed tear multiple muscles this evening).

I’m also going to play without eating; I helpfully got up at three in the afternoon today (a one-off lie-in, I promise) so had breakfast, but haven’t yet felt like having lunch, now four hours later. I also can’t eat so close to playing, because I’ll get indigestion and have to piss around with my pump, which I don’t really want to do in the middle of sport.

This has created the titular ‘window of eating’, where I had a good few hours to eat, but have now got too close to dodgeball, and am confined to being hit in the face with a ball on a slightly emptier stomach than usual.

Truly my life is difficult to the point of intense sympathy.


18 thoughts on “The Window Of Eating

  1. Running leads to the same sort of quandaries. If I eat breakfast, I have to wait 2-3 hours to go run. If I don’t eat breakfast, I’m starving and grumpy after my run, which forces me to forgo the immediate shower I would like and instead stuff food in my face.

    It’s definitely a rough life we live.

  2. Ah sports and eating. Reading this made me think how when I have sports, afterwards I’m NEVER hungry -_- slightly odd, apparently. I’m barely thirsty either.

    1. I get that – I’ll get home from playing and not want to eat or even shower, so I just play video games and go to sleep. Then I’m always wondering why I’m famished and smelling like shit the next morning!

      1. Oh my gosh XD
        I…I must say, I do feel hideously uncomfortable if I haven’t showevred though. Even if a couple of friends have come back to my house to have a group homework session/eat fingers (THE CHOCOLATE KIND) I settle them first and quickly shower.

        1. I walk everywhere, so the hour walk home after handball at ten in the evening in January rather cools you down. Once I got back from a gig in December wearing just a t-shirt and it was very comfortable.

          And yes, I didn’t think you were a cannibal.

          1. Ah nothing beats walking around in the freezing cold after sports. I know it’s nothing in comparison, but after sports in school I like to walk around either very slowly or in circle before going up to the classroom because it does have a pretty good cooling effect. It’s ridiculous how in school there do seem to be showers in the changing rooms, but nobody actually uses them…? I wonder why? Are they all secretly broken? School showers are a mystery to me.

            Wait. JUST a shirt o.O


            1. Okay, trousers and shoes were involved. Otherwise it’d have been ridiculous.

              And because you don’t have time? We always got like three minutes to change between the end of PE and the start of our next lesson, so showers weren’t really plausible. Also they probably suck – schools aren’t known for their quality of showers.

            2. 😀

              That makes sense. Though if I had my way, I’d risk being late….maybe. I don’t know. It’s, it’s amazing how sweaty you can get after – well let me think – for me, I think squash. Yeah.

            3. Oh ahhh! I remember when my brother would come home with the muddiest kit ever…no wonder my house was littered with multiple tubs of Vanish.

            4. Well, I guess it’s proof that you were a great fielder then. You dived to catch the ball. Waiting for it to get there? Pfft. You DIVED.
              (This was – still is actually – my reasoning on behalf of my brother when he gets these stains.)

            5. AWH NO
              Just say you were on the boundary. Some pigeon got in the way. It was slippery. Cloud cover (use that Geography A Level).

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