Magical Tube Time-Travelling

(so close to a title full of alliteration)

Today I had to take the tube, much to my stingy outrage at having to go somewhere using a means other than my own two, cheap, feet; I was also meant to be meeting people at the station.

Except that didn’t happen because I can’t manage time for shit, and they had agreed to meet me at our destination, because they didn’t want to wait any longer, presumably because looking at the escalators at Euston Station gets a bit dull after a while. So I got the same trains as them, from the same stations, and arrived at the same place.

Before they did.

Obviously I’m some kind of time-travelling wizard; no way could they have taken a different route, nor could they have gotten lost missed a train that I managed to find, the answer is totally related to the occult or supernatural in some way.

The best part of this newfound power, however, is that I used it without realising, bending time and, indeed, space to my punctuality-based whims without thinking about it. And if I have the almighty power to shave ten minutes off a couple of tube journeys subconsciously, imagine the potential if I can actively wield this power: I could travel across London with a single change; or ghost through barriers so I can save £1.40 on a single journey; or even change the very nature of the trains themselves, so I’m always getting on ones with those cool perching point bits at the ends of the carriage that are way more comfortable to lean on than chairs are to sit.

But with great power comes great responsibility; I’m stopping short of trying for straight-up teleportation – some things are just too convenient.


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