I Had So Many Plans For Today!

(as usual, these didn’t include writing intelligent blog posts)

I planned to get up early today, and do many things: learn some Old English noun endings, read Donald Barthelme’s wonderful Sixty Stories, buy a birthday present for a friend, read Frederick Douglass and cook actual food this evening, all before heading off to pre-drinks and a gay club because I’m not gay, don’t drink and hate dancing.

But instead, I got up at three in the afternoon, have eaten my body weight in toast, and bought a pair of trackies from Sports Direct for the extortionate price of ten quid. Ten quid (I remember when I got three pairs for a fiver – those were the days)!

And now I’m too tired to write anything more substantial, have done nothing today worth writing about, and will definitely spend the next two hours playing Divinity: Original Sin, an excellent narrative-driven RPG you can pick up off Steam for about twenty pounds, by myself and eating Wotzits.

Oh the glamorous life of a student.


7 thoughts on “I Had So Many Plans For Today!

        1. Last year I’d have agreed with you, but now I’m seeing people so often I’m becoming one of those people who can’t go a day without meeting up with someone. It’s scary for me and inconvinient for my friends.

          1. This is where I’m not sure if a snarky comment or a tiny piece of “wisdom” (from all my years of life experience) is better. I’m going to go with the advice because I’m feeling pretty good about myself today – I managed to go to the grocery store and buy stuff.

            As an introvert who’s gone through phases of seeing people all the time and getting pretty sick of it after a few months and then feeling bad about being tired of it, know that as long as it makes you happy – go for it. If you ever start to just feel like you can’t even hear yourself think and you just need time away, take said time and don’t feel bad about it.

            1. I’m not feeling bad about having to hang out with people (yet – I’m one term into a three-year degree) but I do sometimes feel like I’m talking to people for my own sake, you know? Like I don’t parricularly care about what they have to say, only that they’re listening to my obviously life-changingly important opinions. I’m trying to stop doing this though, not least because I know lots of genuinely interesting people for the first time.

              Also buying stuff totally is an achievement – I’ve been living off bread and toast for a week (again) and couldn’t be bothered to do laundry this weekend, in our building’s laundry room that’s literally five minutes’ walk away :/

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