A Successful Night Out!

(and yes, there was no way in Hell I wasn’t going to blog about this)

After the day before yesterday’s spectacular failure at having a social life, perhaps an act of fate trying to tell me that I should stop all this friend-having business and go play Football Manager or write a poem or something, I went out last night, with considerably greater success: I wasn’t thrown out of any venues, brought my ID, sung an Offspring song for karaoke and danced at a club which was playing episodes of Pokemon and the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series on its screen (Club De Fromage, for those of you keeping score).

But strangely, I don’t know what to write about it; I can list the things I did, sure, and the dozen-odd new people I met because apparently I only knew two people who were going to this party, one of whom invited me, but that’d be depressingly functional, considering the night itself was great fun. I know I’m more comfortable writing about bad things – either annoying events in real-life, or depressing, apocalyptic narratives in stories – so when it comes to replicating a good thing in words I’m a bit stumped.

I think this mindset is similar to my reluctance to take or be a part of photographs when I go do a thing, because I want to remember them as hazy, dream-like memories of exaggerated awesomeness, instead of collections of pixels that just show of my ugly face and inability to dress myself like an adult. Equally, I don’t really want to categorise my night into a series of crap metaphors and relentlessly incorrect usages of hyphens; you could say that last night was too good to write about, that it’s one of those experiences that goes beyond my, let’s face it pretty limited, ability to replicate them in words. I’m sure there are more fun things that people have done, and better things I’ll get around to doing in the future, but for right now, I did a thing that I don’t think I can do justice with mere words.

So I’ll leave it there, with an awesome night, and a crap blog post. And I’m sorry for you readers, but I’ll take it that way around any day.


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