Blogging In Stages

(stage one often consists of not having any ideas for about five hours)

Normally, I write posts on here and hit ‘publish’ without so much as a second thought or a proofread, a process which has made me pretty good at not saying anything ridiculously offensive or controversial without much thought, but also means that my posts tend to lack any kind of meaningful structure or argument; even the pretentiously-named ‘intelligent’ ones are more like scrawled trains of thought in the margin of a notebook than a coherent piece of writing.

But in what might be a first for this blog (of over 400 posts :/) I have started a post, put a lot of time into it, got halfway, and called it a day, not wanting to rush something out that I end up regretting later; it goes without saying that this post is of particular importance – both because it reflects one of my most deeply-held opinions, and putting a foot wrong in the discussion of this idea is likely to result in me being assaulted in an art classroom somewhere – and you’ll probably be able to tell which one I’m referring to when I eventually post it as a result.

I’m also prepared for the inevitable outcome that it will read no differently to any other of my posts, and will be totally indistinguishable in quality from any of the others, because spending five days to write five times as much shit doesn’t necessarily mean the shit will be better than what you write in one day. But to me, if no-one else, there’ll be a difference; and without wanting to sound too narcissistic on a blog named after myself, I’d like to think that I’m capable of changing my approaches to and methods of writing, dependent on the reasons why I’m writing it – most posts exist to continue my arbitrary streak of posting, while this impending post will be directed at a specific person, and argue in favour of one side of a specific debate.

And isn’t that what writing crap on the Internet is all about – a pointless sense of self-worth, regardless of the actual quality of work produced. Hooray for entirely self-centred projects!


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