Kim Jong-un Has A New Haircut

(this is why I don’t care for politics, or fashion)

This is another one of those anti-posts, where the majority of the post consists of me telling you how I’m not writing a post today; sorry, I’ve had a frakked-up sleep schedule all week since buying The Sims 4 and playing it for eight hours solid in one night, and my Chester save on Football Manager is really going well, so I’m splitting my, largely nocturnal, waking hours between those two games and crying as I glance at my unread copy of The Mill on the Floss on the corner of my desk, looming menacingly as a literal and metaphorical representation of how I’ll graduate with an English degree, and more skills in analysing the defensive weaknesses of the wide 4-2-3-1 formation than iambic pentameter.

But I don’t want to leave you with absolutely bugger-all, so here’s an amusing Vox article on Kim Jong-un’s haircut, which is pretty much exactly the kind of thing I’d have written about it myself if they hadn’t beaten me to the punch.


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