Fell Asleep Today

(yes, for basically the whole day)

Argh! It’s almost midnight and I’ve not even written a throwaway post today! Right, here you go, tapped out on my phone, and even more devoid of interest, meaning and relevance than yesterday’s one; I’m good at this blogging thing.


6 thoughts on “Fell Asleep Today

    1. I was up at two in the morning because sleeping patterns are for losers, was playing handball from about eight to four or so, then got home and slept until now. So I could have written something in those first six hours, but I didn’t realise I’d be asleep most of the rest of the day :/

      1. Eight to four?
        *feels shame at tiredness felt after forty minutes of playing a sport where I’m only able to move around in one third of a court and take about six passes on average in ten minutes*

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