I No Longer Have Very Few Interests

(blogging’s still going though!)

To finish up Redux Week, I’m going to respond to an old post that is perhaps the least relevant to me any more: over Summer, I claimed I had very few interests, or at least a narrow range of them, an assessment I stand by. But now, the opposite is true: I’m doing more things than a thing doing lots of things in a metaphor used to illustrate how many things are being done!

There’re the sports – handball, which I’ve played in the first team for, dodgeball, which I’m going for a committee position for, and karate, which I could have gone to a tournament for but was busy – and the writing – this blog, the other blogs, two publications I’ve written in, plus another competition and my on-off-off novels – and the degree – my grades are steadily increasing – and the friends – which are like a hobby, they’re great fun but tiring and stop you learning Old English – and probably some other things I’ve missed out to avoid putting really an obscene number of hyphenated sub-clauses into this sentence.

And this isn’t to brag (honest), but to highlight the difference a change of location and purpose can bring about: I’ve gone from my room and the endless waiting for something good to happen (going to uni) to a room in a building full of friends and potential friends, and the endless string of events I’m doing by virtue of applying the ‘I’ll give this a go’ model to a scale much larger and more expansive than it was probably ever designed to be used upon.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t go to extra karate training because of a writers’ society I’m going to, and I don’t have time to rote-learn The Wanderer because I have a poem to send off by the end of the week. It’d be easy to say that this is a ‘good’ problem to have, but I don’t really buy into that, seeing problems, regardless of their nature, as impediments to be fixed; with that in mind, I end up shaving more time off sleeping and eating to fit all this stuff in, so I’m borderline nocturnal, am probably malnourished after living off a diet of toast and cereal for two months, and, ultimately, cutting down on essay time.

But I’d go so far as to say as this – these relentless activities, and my light-hearted yet indirectly narcissistic moaning about them – is almost like an interest in and of itself; before I had more time than I knew what to do with, now it’s become something I have to actively think about, and can talk to people about, and even write blog posts about, as seemingly every one of my posts in the last month has been tagged ‘Time Management’ for some reason.

So take that, Naruto-marathonning, Tour de France-watching James of mid-2014! I’m no less pretentious than you were, but I can be pretentious in loads of different ways!


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