How Are You Doing?

(I wish we had a punctuation mark called a sincerestrophe or something to show when you’re not being sarcastic – I’d probably use them with every other word)

I feel like I’ve not sat down and had a chat with you fine folks for a while; there have been comment threads on posts, but those largely pick up on a single idea from a post and we collectively spin it out into a much longer, and more enjoyable conversation, so I want to start some of those conversations right here. I’m also aware I’ve not really told you how things are going beyond generic jokes about me not paying any attention to my degree, so I’ll start there; this post’ll hopefully turn into a bit of a catch-up for everyone interested in this blog.

Recently I’ve played in the handball first team against Brunel and, to my great surprise, not only didn’t lose, but didn’t end up single-handedly costing us the game! Seriously, considering my UCL second team was beaten by the abysmal scoreline of 55-20 by said UCL first team just a week before, I thought I’d end up noticeably and disastrously worse than everyone else on the team; and my suckiness may have been noticeable, but it wasn’t too game-ruining, so I count that as a success. I’m also probably going to have a poem [published in a UCL magazine in a few weeks, in said magazine’s first print edition; I don’t want to harp on about it too much in case it doesn’t happen, but that’s a pretty rewarding thing – to have a thing you create not only seen by people, but even complimented and rewarded by them – that I’ll update you more on if/when it happens.

I’m also going for a committee position for the UCL Dodgeball Soc – Publicities Officer, where I’ll be able to put my long experience of endlessly posting shit I write on Facebook until all my friends are sick to the back teeth of me to good use – and maybe Karate, because I’d like to do more to help out the club and the entirety of the current committee is stepping down next year, so someone’ll have to run the damn thing. I’m just hoping my inability to actually do karate won’t be as much of an issue as it might be.

But how have you guys been doing? I can’t really ask any more specific questions than that, considering some of you are still in school, some have jobs, and some are doing both with the kind of superhuman time management skills I can only dream of having, and I don’t want you to feel like you have to respond in certain ways, or at all. As with most meaningful interactions with people I care about, the content of what we talk about is rather secondary to the fact that we’re talking, and engaging with each other in a halfway intelligent manner, through complicated things like words and gestures that animals and shit can barely conceive of – basically, a badger can click a ‘like’ button, but a badger can’t really hold a conversation in the comments.

Feel free to talk about whatever you’re comfortable talking about, or ignore this entirely; I’m just terrible at keeping up relationships in real life (which I’m making a conscious effort to work on this term) and don’t want that to seep into my online life, and have all the friends I’ve made on this unexpectedly sociable site to collapse into lists of followers and numbers of likes.

So do what the bar beneath this post tells you, and we’ll speak soon – leave a comment to prove you’re human.


19 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

  1. I like this post – it’s nice.
    Well done on all your achievements lately in the uni bubble! Getting your poetry published would be amazing – I’d love to be published one day. Too bad I’m not that great at writing! Keep going with all your achievements!

    I’m okay – been organising our bedroom in an attempt to not be bored before I start work next week (I am SO scared), but I have been suffering with holiday blues. I want to go back so bad!
    Our cat is a bit poorly too so we’re not overly happy at the moment but we’re hoping to get him sorted tonight/tomorrow – just not nice seeing Joe so unhappy about it 😦
    That’s sort of me at the moment – a bundle of nerves, worrying about our cat and missing my holiday.


    1. I’m trying to keep up with them, but it is kinda at the cost of my degree – my tutor asked me last week what my favourite text from the course was, and it took me five solid minutes of silent embarrassment to even think of a text, let alone prioritise them. I’ve awkwardly had a poem published before, but I could never find a copy of the magazine it was published in so I don’t actually know which poem it was that was printed :/

      So you’re scared about work but bored with your holiday? Surely at least one of those should be better than that? :’) Also aww your cat 😦 I’d offer to help but all I could do about it would be to write a sympathetic blog post, and I don’t know if he’d appreciate it, what with cats not being known for their literary prowess – but correct me if I’m wrong about your cat in particular.

      1. Ah that sucks, you need to make sure you have enough time for your course, seeing as you’re probably paying lots of money for it. You may as well get your money’s worth!
        Oh, that’s not great, why didn’t you get it when it first got released? (Is it a man thing – you completely forgot? – apologies for stereotyping).
        About work; yeah, something like that. At the moment I think I’ve had weeks, i have another week and a half 😦 I feel lost after three years of constantly having something to do. At the moment though I am trying to make the most of it because I won’t get this time again (until I hopefully go back to uni in september anyway).
        He might appreciate the blog post, but he’s currently sleeping by the radiator rather cosy, so I’m not sure he’d appreciate being woken up, but thank you for the offer!

        1. It’s not that I forgot, I simply couldn’t find a copy! I checked all the places where the mags are put throughout the uni and there were no copies left 😦 It annoys me to this day. And I’m definitely getting my money’s worth from all the societies I joined back in September, and I’m enjoying translating Old English stuff at least, so I’m not totally screwing away my degree (he says, before running off to play dodgeball or something).

          And does that mean your job will be a temporary thing if you’re going to uni in September again? And I think I know what you mean – I found the Xmas holidays sadly tedious after the first five or so days of lazing around doing nothing, so I don’t know how I’d cope with longer stretches of time out of uni and its constant goings-on.

          I’ll just delay the post until he’s no longer under the radiator 🙂

  2. That’s annoying! They should have saved you one!
    At least you’re enjoying the societies – I never joined any as I was quite happy going to uni and coming home – most antisocial student ever!

    It’s a permanent job, but the course in September will basically be to get me to a different role -it’s a year long, I’d be salaried and then hopefully be secured a job by the end of it 🙂 Yeah, 4 weeks is a pain to have nothing to do for!

    Aw okay, I’ll let you know if he moves (I think Joe appreciated the offer).


    1. Dude I’m actively involved in like ten :’) And I thought I’d be totally antisocial but that kinda didn’t happen!

      And good luck with the job! I envy you and your viable career path – I’m sitting here wondering how on Earth I’ll make a living off being a poet.

      1. Get another job, be a poet on the side and then BAM you’re a poet 😉 – sorry, I don’t know anything about getting into work in that area.. my career path is a little easier to know where you’re going. Don’t envy me though, I like having a plan!

        I wanted to join them when I first started, but then moved in with Joe and got comfy 🙂


        1. At least you found something / one to spend your time with – the idea of not doing anything, and just going to lectures and doing reading horrifies me. I also like having plans, so I’m tactfully doing too many things to ever have time to worry about my inevitably catastrophic future!

          Speaking of which I think I have less of an idea of how to be a pro writer than you do, which I should probably work on :/

          1. Yeah, it’s a lot easier coming home to someone than no one.

            Maybe the best thing to do is just get what you can out there… you could even self publish to start with? I hear amazon is pretty nifty at stuff like that?

            1. I’d have to write something whole and completed first – I’m only coming up with stories and individual poems at the moment. Sadly it’s not 1865, and I can’t just throw a few pages into a magazine every other week and expect to be a writer that way. Bloody ‘progress’.

              And I come home to endless amounts of toast and a bed with two whole pillows! I’m totally getting the better deal here.

  3. What about a big poetry book if you have lots of poems? I’m sure they exist!
    Yeah, progress can be a real bitch sometimes…
    I come home to a cup of tea made for me – toast too if I ask – and I have 2 pillows, Joe has 3 😉 I also have an always available hot water bottle. Sorry buddy, I win.

  4. Sounds hideously robotic, but this was a pleasant post. Like, just. Ahhhhhhhhhh (good ahh, like the ahhhh you get from tea – but you might get that kind of ahh from Pepsi/coke/Doritos/that monster crisp food) but yeah. That’s. Like. It. I read this a couple of days ago but that was literally all I could come up with, dismissed the thought of submitting such a seemingly bland excuse for a comment, then crawled on back to leave my mark.
    Well. At least you know I’m human.

    1. That was genuinely hilarious – I’ve found that sucking at a situation can be saved by joking about how much you suck! (but don’t overdo it)

      Also can I quote ‘crawled on back to leave my mark’ in a poem or something? It sounds rather poetic and I’d like to steal it 🙂

      1. I is well chuffed at votre (you’ve taken French, no? Or were you one of those German GCSE kids) response.
        Steal away! *bows down*

          1. ONG YEAH I REMEMBER YOU SAYING THAT NOW. Oh my…I literally choked with laughter with there.
            I’m so sorry. *ahem* yes, o’ wise A avec S Lévélle (that’s wrong but oh well) student.
            Oh you took Art? Was the workload manageable? A few friends of mind taking art say it’s tough.

            1. The workload is kinda insane but for me it depended on the teacher – mine gave you an A* provided you did something, while anther class had to build sculptures to complete their painting portfolio because their teacher was a nutcase. Quite good fun though.

            2. Wow.

              Welp, I fully respect anyone taking a creative subject (like art dt etc) because I know that I just wouldn’t have it in me to do the work. I’m too lazy!

            3. It’s not a laziness thing – I could never engage with maths like you can, for instance, and I’d not consider either of us particularly lazy. Some people just get some things over others I suppose, which makes engaging with things we don’t get much harder, and so requires more work – I got two A*s at GCSE English, and an A at maths, but did ten times the work for the latter.

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