Shopping In Reverse

(this is a tale of … shopping, in reverse)

Today I did a bit of a stupid thing:I tried to do a morning’s food shopping without any money, which is a bit difficult considering our economy isn’t a sexual favour-base bartering system, in which you jerk off the cashier to get a box of Coco-Pops, but instead uses money to obtain things. This created the interesting scenario that I had to work my way back through the store, basket in hand, putting each item back in the place I’d got it from, until I was back at the entrance, with an empty basket, just like I’d been when I first walked unwittingly through the doors; I’d basically gone shopping in reverse.

This was one of those experiences that was weird simply because its opposite has been ingrained in me, like when I play right wing in handball, having more experience playing left back, which causes the entire court to look like I’m playing on 150cc Mirror from Mario Kart; but in reality, there’s no inherent reason why walking one way through a Sainsburys picking through expensive boxes of crap food should be any more strange than doing the same thing in the other direction.

But that’s just what ‘weirdness’ is, things that don’t conform to what we perceive to be ‘normal’, instead of things that don’t conform to some kind of universal or objectively correct way of doing things. Normality and weirdness are based on experience, and maybe next time, shopping from start to finish will feel less normal, and shopping from finish to start will feel less weird.

This post also gives me an excuse to share this wonderful Lego version of Eddie Izzard’s Supermarket Routine, which I was reminded of as I moved my things around the supermarket without buying them.


3 thoughts on “Shopping In Reverse

  1. Did you forget that you need money to pay for things? Sorry, couldn’t help but leave a little comment of this nature.

    Although it’s true, if it doesn’t conform to what is seen as “normal” then it’s weird. Why can’t people just act how they want? Although I would still encourage you have money before shopping next time.


    1. Because shops don’t accommodate my tendency to enter through the exit or walk through them backwards putting things back on the shelves – bloody oppressive Sainsburys.

      And I’d encourage me to have money next time, which I happily did when I had my second bash at shopping this afternoon!

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