I’m Sick

(sadly not in the same way as the Icon For Hire song)

For one of very few times in my life, I’m painfully unwell – normally I can push through general feelings of shittiness because if offered the choice between feeling like crap, and feeling like crap but not letting it get in your way, the latter is infinitely superior. But having nursed a general bleh-ness for a few weeks now, it’s gotten to the point where I’m on painkillers and the blood sugars are flipping all over the place, creating an amusing cycle of shitty feelings from diabetes, creating shitty health, which leads to shitty feelings from my pathetic general health.

I’ll get around to writing that ‘I was at Saracens’ stadium’ post I promised yesterday when I feel better – hopefully tomorrow because I have a karate grading to practice for, English exams to prepare for, and generally a life to be getting on with – but for now I’m a bit shit, so this blog might be a turgid mess of shite for a few days.

Sorry about that :/


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