Cycling Again!

(the amateur, unfit, teenage and drug-free equivalent of Lance Armstrong’s comeback!)

I used to cycle a lot; when I was fifteen I spent all Summer cycling around my local park, and was hitting 30km by myself until a series of almost-accidents involving reckless babies, screaming, entitled parents and my bloody, swerve-wrecked body rather dissuaded me from tearing around such a small area so regularly. And out of laziness and fear, I didn’t want to learn to ride on roads, so I simply stopped riding bikes; until today!

We rode around Killarney today, skirting a huge, Middle Earth-like lake I can’t remember the name of, and coasting down smooth, car-free roads around a castle with an amount of sunlight that one doesn’t really expect from Ireland. And it was bloody good fun.

I buggered my leg about a month ago at handball, and while this kept me clinging to the back of the group of riders like Andy Schleck on any Tour de France summit finish since about 201, but this presented a new challenge – I had a back wheel to aim for, a speed to rise to, but didn’t have to be a dick and pull away from everyone else like I’ve done in the past. Combine this, small-scale, physical motivation, great views and a group of friends who were equally supportive and unnerved when one of us crashed and had to limp home.

The main thing I’ve realised this academic year is that it’s not what one does, but who one does them with; so if an awesome activity is combined with awesome people, it makes a pretty great day (and, obviously, resulting blog post).

Written Tues 31st March


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