I’m Such A Tourist

(I should never go on holiday again to avoid such a problem)

Today, we went for a hike, and I not only bought a postcard for my family, but took not one but two photos of local landscapes. Two! Me, James Patrick ‘I’d rather experience my life than document it publicly on the Internet for no reason apart from those crap blogs I have’ Casey!

Part of this is that this trip is, quite accidentally, one of the most personal I’ve been on; I’m pretty close to the Dingle Peninsula in western Ireland, where my mum’s side of the family – the Moriarties – originate from, so I wanted a postcard to commemorate this. Also Ireland, at least the bit around Killarney, is fecking beautiful; and I don’t mean in a bullshit ‘isn’t nature pretty’ sense where all you’re getting is the kind of marginally-more-colourful-than-a-tramp’s-faeces crap that city rats spread over Snapchat like the Plague or gonnorhea when they go abroad, but artistic beauty. The trees framed sweeping views of the lakes, the dull, crisp water reflected the sky and sillouetted my friends against their waters like inverted clouds roaming across a still Spring sky. I’d show you a picture, but I’ve got my poetic hat on at the moment and the stick up my arse is too far up there for me to meddle with such literal, pedestrian forms of communication. That and I’m still wary about giving the WordPress app access to my phone’s photos.

After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong with sharing your life online, but there may be an issue of emphasis: if everything is shared, publicising becomes a means to highlight the negative, rather than the positive. Instead of awesome things being shared and most things being ignored, most things are shared so it’s the bad experiences that are highlighted by not being tweeted about. And while I plan to have experiences in my life ‘worthy’ of a blog post about them, I don’t want to devalue those events by over sharing pictures and videos of things I do. Basically, I’ve taken one set of holiday snaps in my life, because I’ve been on one trip of my own accord, that I’ve genuinely loved.

Written Weds 1st April


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