The New Milk

(does this count as a post about food? If so, that’s two in a row…)

I am drinking skimmed milk. Right now. Literally – I’m holding a half gallon of moo juice and polishing the one-eyed gopher simultaneously. And you won’t believe how difficult it is. I used to be a pretty hardcore full-fat guy myself, staying well within the confines of the blue-topped bottles, like a closet racist who will only walk through neighbourhoods that are full of people of the same ethnicity as them. But I decided on a whim to cross the divide, picking up a red-topped carton in what is the closest thing to a Rosa Parks moment I’ll probably have in my largely privileged, yet self-aware, life.

I can taste a difference, and it’s having an effect on my cereal consumption, as I pour more milk than I used to compared with the same volume of cereal, throwing the liquid-cereal ratio out of whack without changing the taste of the milk. This leads to the cereal getting soggier faster, so my attempts to leave the taste of my breakfast unchanged have actually changed the taste of my cereal, and not for the better.

But I won’t abandon this new variant of milk just yet; I’ll give it a few cartons’ worth to make my decision, and this comparison is all very unscientific considering the full-fat milk came from Sainsbury’s, while this new milk hails from the far-off shores of the big Tesco next to Soho Square. Only time will tell what my true milk preference is.

Time, taste buds, and my wallet.


5 thoughts on “The New Milk

  1. Dontditchthefullfatmilklikeeveryonearoundmedrinkssemiskimmedandi’mseeminglyalojgonthisonelikeichugfullfatlikeitsTEA

    Have a good day! No, that wasn’t me whining. Oh NO …

      1. But…but…THE CREAMAY GOODNESS. You can’t beat that. Plus, Cravendale.

        You can’t top that.

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