The Planning Arm

(still beats a curtain)

The Arm Of Planning


That sexy, sexy hunk of limb there, friends, is my left arm and hand which, as you may notice, are covered in multi-coloured scrawled words. I use this arm to plan work as I’m working, and so everything is in shorthand: the vertical block on my wrist that reads ‘ICS, ME, ME, OE, NT, CRIT’ is the order in which I planned to work on my various modules – Intellectual and Cultural Sources, Middle English, etc. – that day. I like using my arm to write on because it’s permanent, but not too permanent: these notes will be with me all day and are impossible to lose, but they’ll rub off under a shower (which is why there are a few faded lists on the back of my hand).

It’s also very easy to write on one’s arm, and it serves like a whiteboard, a place to make a note of something quickly without having to permanently mark a piece of paper: the green list reads ‘ACCEPTANCE, REGRET, FEAR’ and is my list of themes to look out for when readingย Inferno, themes that I decided upon on a whim, and so scribbled onto my arm.

I know that paper is a thing, as are notes on computers and phones, but I have this odd fascination with writing everything by hand, and wanting all of my revision materials literallyย to hand, so coded semi-tattoos are a pretty good idea as far as I can tell.

Although now you know that if I meet up with you and my arm’s full of notes, it probably means I’ve not showered in a week. Balls.


29 thoughts on “The Planning Arm

    1. It is one of my sexier appendages, if I do say so myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But while it is quite cool, the longer I keep it, and the cooler it gets, the greater evidence there is that I’ve not showered in a week. Considering I plan to meet other human beings at some point next week, this will create a tough choice somewhere down the line.

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