1000 Good Likes

(stop digging your hole and follow the posts I write)

I try not to pay too much attention to numbers on this site, because you’re all people with ideas in your heads and words in your mouths, not padding for a graph showing daily views. But I got a notification yesterday, saying that this blog has hit 1,000 likes. 1,000!

Honestly, I’d like to be cynical about this. I’d like to dismiss this milestone as evidence not of a thousand decent ideas, but of a thousand non-comments, a thousand non-shares, and a desire for pseudo, online interaction in place of verbal engagement with a post or a spreading of that post around, which we all do with posts we really like, right?

Yeah, no. Shut up, early 2013 James, there’s a reason you got no views back then.

Ultimately, this blog is a creative exercise. And the thing about creativity is that it’s complex; these posts are hardly multi-layered like a Shakespearean monologue, but they can be engaged and agreed with in a number of ways – you can like their ideas, their style, their existence that just continues my arbitrary streak of posts, etc., etc.. This vagueness is why I was dismissive of mere likes back when I started this blog, but now I’m embracing the breadth of these thousand ‘You Don’t Suck’ badges instead: this blog is essentially a spewing-up of whatever unholy combination of social commentary, tedious life updates and contrived formats that are little more than shallow attempts at humour, but you have found a thousand things in that mess of words and ideas that aren’t utter shite.

And it’s those thousand things that have made this blog, and me as a wannabe creative person, relevant; this isn’t a diary written by myself, for myself, and stashed away never to see the light of day, but an attempt to talk to and entertain people. And without those people – i.e. you – this blog has no purpose, and I should jack it in and do a law conversion course like all the smart English students are doing.

But I won’t jack it in, and I’ll keep being one of the stupid ones who tries to write their way to having a purpose in life. I don’t know if I’m any good at being a creative person, but I’m giving it a go; and I don’t know if you guys agree with everything I say or how I say it, but you’re certainly supporting a lot of what I’m doing.

So thank you for making me feel relevant, and here’s to another thousand likes of Geographical pickup lines and photos of my arm!


10 thoughts on “1000 Good Likes

    1. Thank you! I’ve been trying to contextualise this and I’m realising that’s like the whole of my secondary school. Woah.

      Also thank you for being one of the people liking these things in the first place 🙂

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