Opening Mail Is Hard

(no news is good news)

I can safely add mail-based incompetence to the ever-growing list of ways in which I’m categorically failing to be an adult. I’ve had letters sit on my desk unopened for literally months, packages uncollected from my halls that results in staff members supposedly posting them to my room (but they probably threw them out), and emails about opportunities that I kinda ignore until the ‘one day to go’ notification pops up on my phone and I start scrambling around, trying to write a poem or a novel in like three hours.

The problem, at least as far as I can see it, is a similar one to going to bed at a reasonable time: it’s a functionally simple task to do, and we tend to associate difficulty with importance. As a result, we reckon that we can stay up for another hour, because sleeping is easy, or we can not collect our mail today, because it takes five minutes and I’m sure I’ll have five minutes’ worth of time tomorrow to do it!

And then you miss an annual hospital appointment, and face the daunting choice of risking your physical health by waiting for next year’s, or ruining your mental health by plunging down the bureaucratic rabbit hole that is trying to reschedule a doctor’s appointment.

Obviously, the solution is to open my damn mail, which is one of few things that is genuinely easier said than done: it’s not easier said than done to, say, learn to cook, because both committing to and actually doing it are nigh-on impossible. But I’ll make an effort at least; at the moment the goal is to not let unopened mail pile up for more than a week.

Baby steps, James, baby steps.


32 thoughts on “Opening Mail Is Hard

  1. But doesn’t the curiosity kill the James-kitty here?
    Plus, given that you’re not at home and have to face being called down from your room to “open” a letter that’s just been opened by your parents….no?

    1. I don’t know what your parents are doing but mine tend to open mail addressed to them, and let me worry about my own. I thought that was the norm?

      And screw curiosity, I have revision to do / games to buy on Steam!

      1. Lucky ducky. (Enough of the animals, Z(ebra) ENOUGH.)
        ^ it was the rhyme, okay?
        But still, really, here whatever comes to me is checked first XD I suppose when I hit seventeen or so I’ll get the liberty of being able to open whatever it is that comes to me myself, as my brother does now.

        Ah, busy busy!

          1. Meh. I don’t get much anyway – it’s usually just a postcard or something along those see-?-i-have-friends lines.

            1. I hope not. But meh! whatever. I don’t mind much to be honest, but when I get older I think I will.
              I mean, I want to be able to be like: “YO GUYS I GOT MAIL AND I OPENED IT. BY MAHSELF.”

  2. *not to be taken “proverbially” there. It just fitted better literally(?)
    I may have inadvertedly branded you as feline.
    Okay not literally then. O.O

            1. MEANIE
              *flicks hair in face – NO I GOT IT CUT RECENTLY I HAVE LIKE, SUCH A SMALL PONYTAIL DAMN*
              ^ literally though, that is my equivalent to tutting.

            2. But that might be boring. Plus, I’ve such thick hair that when it used to be longer, even I would give a big “OWWWW” when it was windy in netball and I’d get hit in the cheek by not the ball, but my own hair.

              I suppose I could fling hair bobbles? Pencil shavings? Used teabags?

              Okay that’s just terrible.

            3. Wow
              James Patrick Casey (this shit’s getting personal now – you can tell but the usage of full name), out of interest did you ever have one of these?

            4. I don’t think a devilock would suit me personally – I don’t have the hair to slick it down, nor the courage to shave my hairline back to the necessary level for a devilock to work.

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