This Is My 500th Post

(at least on this blog)

I’m not a fan of celebrations. Take birthdays; I’ve spent a year being that person’s friend, and I’ll have gained more from those 365 days than a single day, regardless of how fun it is, can ever replicate. I guess my problem is trying to turn long-term enjoyment into a single form of enjoyment, that is supposed to be representative of or in some way equal to that first kind of fun.

Similarly, I didn’t really want to write a ‘this is my 500th post’ post today because this blog, moreso than a lot of things I do, is about a regular, long-term commitment for me, and equally meaningful, long-term relationships with the people I’ve met on here, rather than irregular posts, or one-off bits of quality. Equally, today isn’t particularly special outside of the blog: spent an hour at American Football practice, was high for a few hours in the evening when my pump failed, then bought and ate some Doritos and chocolate from the Sainsbury’s up by Mornington Crescent that’s open until midnight seven days a week. This day, and this post, aren’t any better than other days and posts (and may even be worse, because this post is quickly turning into a post about not being a real post, rather than the better posts I write most days) other than the fact that the randomly-falling post number for today happens to be a multiple of one hundred.

But while I don’t want to commemorate this day specifically, I think this blog is worth commemorating in general. It’s hardly the diary of Pepys, but it’s a thing I started out of boredom a year and a half ago that has become a daily commitment that is a genuinely enjoyable break from the relentlessness of social life or work; this thing has never been an imposition, and never been something I’ve dreaded. And the main reason for that is you folks, who read and often respond to these posts, either in WordPress or on Facebook or in real life, interactions that help remind me that I’m slightly less irrelevant than I’d be if I hadn’t started this thing. And that’s hugely important.

So thank you for giving me the time of day, and I’m sorry for falling into the generic ‘here’s a commemoration on a numerically arbitrary day’ trap. At least it’ll be another five hundred posts before I do something like that again.


2 thoughts on “This Is My 500th Post

  1. Eheheh! I bloody love your blog. Just thought I’d say it seeming as you’re… Celebrating? Not celebrating. Writing. Blogging. 500. I need to shut up now. I’m making no sense.

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