I Could Be Naked Right Now

(or even now)

The problem with blogging, as a way of getting to know someone, is that you don’t know the blogger, you know the keystrokes and written quirks that contribute towards, but aren’t the entirety of, that person’s identity. There’s the obvious difference between online relationships and real ones that the former has much greater scope for double-checking what one says and how one acts. This could lead to fewer awkward encounters between people talking online, but in this case I’ve chosen to turn this slight separation into a source of awkwardness: look at that title again. And the subtitle. I might not be wearing a shirt. Even pants. What do you see when you visualise me writing posts? Are you able to have a vision in your head any more? Does this make you more likely to read my posts? 😉

My point is that while online relationships may involve fewer immediate reactions than personal ones, and so can be more measured and controlled, in reality this distance is often a negative thing. These relationships are riddled with doubts, and questions, ones you may not even realise you were asking – when I meet my friends in real life, they know I’m not naked, but on here, you’re robbed of even that most basic of bits of information.

This is why I try to keep this blog as varied and personal as possible; I’m not a source of geographical pickup lines, nor am I am agony uncle about how to not be accidentally homophobic. I’m a person, who just so happens to write a blog, and just so happens to occasionally be naked.


12 thoughts on “I Could Be Naked Right Now

  1. I’m wondering whether it would be too intrusive to say; you are clothed right? O.o

    God. The title kinda shocked me XD you’ve got a good point though. In a way, sometimes online stuff is kinda stilted.

  2. Fact: if I am in my bedroom with the door closed (which happens rather often), I am not fully clothed. I have actually texted to people, “Hang on, let me put clothes on. Then we can Skype.”

  3. Relationships offline could be equally riddled with questions and doubts. Just couldn’t resis quoting T.S. Elliot here – “What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then.”

    1. That’s very true, considering we only see each other for a second online instead of for whole days at a time – we have even less material with which to make memories. Won’t stop me trying though.

    1. Totally agree – friendships can exist with just words, so you can make friends online, but so much of romantic interactions are physical, as much as we like to pretend we don’t judge each other on appearances.

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