The End. (of five years of this bloody coalition)

(may death actually stop them)

Now come one come all to this tragic affair,
Unpin that rosette what’s in is despair,
So share Guardian pieces, put an X in your box,
And wake up and vote for someone that you’re not.

If you read manifestoes and don’t like what you see
You can find out firsthand what it’s like to be free
So gather ’round commies, racists, Tory spies,
I encourage participation, but prepare for compromise!

(wailing guitar riff)

Another election, my apathy stretched,
I wanna make a difference but what is the best?
I’ve skipped front-row seats to debates that did bore,
Democracy is for study, change do I adore!

I said yeah, yeah!
I said yeah, yeah!

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, I said
(Save me!) Get me the hell out of here
(Leave me!) Your system’s all talk and fear
(You won’t!) It’s the only one I’ve got though, so

(Screw you!)

Obvious reference to My Chemical Romance’s The Endis obvious. Happy Impending Disappointment at the future of the United Kingdom Day, everyone!


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