Green Day Versus Dubstep

(I walk a lonely road, with another two people in my music video…)

I emerged from my room like a caterpillar not quite ready to be a butterfly yet: yawning, wretched, and covered in what may or may not be three day’s worth of filth, to the sound of dubstep. Remember that?! Well apparently it’s still a thing, and one of my flatmates was blasting it, which is quite cool really. As a fan of aggressive music, and being a bit of a prat, I have no worries with people being loud around me; I can listen to my own songs to drown it out, or go to a library or a park if I need quiet for whatever reason.

But then, from the other end of the corridor, came a surprisingly loud acoustic guitar, and an undersung set of lyrics straight out of 2004; it was Green Day’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, one of those songs people of my age will claim to have some personal nostalgic relationship with, whereas we were like eight when it was released and we were into the YuGiOh GX theme song!

And these two tracks were played loudly, and simultaneously, and as one stopped the other did the same, suggesting they were engaged in some titanic struggle for control of the airwaves of our corridor. I might not have heard all of this battle, and can’t put a title or artists to the dubstep piece, but I’m sure it made my brief walk from one side of the flat to the other more enjoyable.


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