The Liebster Award! Again!

(got 99 problems but blogging awards ain’t one)

I was nominated for a Liebster Award a few months back, and duly responded here; but now, I’ve got another nomination, making me feel rather like Smaug the dragon, collecting infinite treasures, in the form of congratulations from friendly bloggers, and hoarding them for no real purpose other than to sit upon them and feel like a badass. But do let me know if there are any unusually militarised dwarves hanging around.

Now, onto this award; first, a thank you to JustTwentySomethingRambles for the nomination. The fact that I’ve gotten this award twice now doesn’t make me blasé about my skill as a writer, but is encouraging to know that people were willing to nominate me for this thing months ago, and still want to now – I’m pretty sure I’m not a flash in the pan at this point (admittedly a flash with like ten views, but a flash nonetheless). But now, to her questions.

Christina’s Questions:

– What made you start blogging? – A desire to make good on my dream of being a writer by actually writing; the public nature of a blog, and the self-imposed daily schedule, helped motivate me into writing everyday, which I think is a big plus when you’re doing anything creative, and can easily blame months of laziness or procrastination on disingenuous “writers’ block”.

– Who is your biggest influence? – As a writer, Charlie Brooker and the descriptions of TomSka’s YouTube videos; the former is cynical, aggressive and hilarious, and the latter combines mocking hyperbole with blunt humour to convey information and entertain. As a person, I’ll list Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath for his tolerance and ability to adapt without discarding what made him who he was; and American vlogger and let’s player Stephen Georg, whose five years of daily vlogging combined with three years of ten gaming videos a week showed me that relentless commitment often leads to, instead of undermining, quality.

– Who makes you smile most often? – Honestly, YouTuber and filmmaker Jack Howard, because I’m lonely as shit. He’s pretty funny though.

– What is your dream job? – Poet. But that hasn’t really been a thing for like 400 years.

– Do you have any creative skills? Other than writing of course. – I played bass for 2 months, and have dabbled in Logic Pro, but not for a few years now. I was pretty good at collage and photography when I was younger, but that was by GCSE Art standards. I’m scrawling out a concept for a video game, though = I have no idea if it’s got legs, but it’s a nice distraction from work.

– Where are you from? WordPress is worldwide afterall. – London, England. I was born in Edmonton, a shithole in the northern-most borough of Enfield, but spent most of my childhood and teen years in the rather more middle-class Palmer’s Green bit of Enfield. Now, I live in the central London borough of Camden, and will probably move to Swaziland and commute into uni from there next year because of insane London house prices.

– Where would you like to visit? – I’m developing a plan to see bands and musicians I like in their own countries, there’s something more genuine about being able to perform to people who may have had a more direct impact on you growing up as a creative, rather than the process of exporting that creativity to places all around the world. With this in mind, I’d like to visit Canada (for Classified), Norway (for Kvelertak), Finland (for Lordi), Australia (for Wolfmother), the northern US (for Rise Against) and California (for The Offspring and Bad Religion).

– Cats or dogs? – Neither. Animals can piss off before they piss all over my shit.

– What superpower would you have if you could have anything? – Variants of laser vision; this turns a part of your body with little ability to affect others, your sight, into one that wields a lot of influence. And I mean ‘variants’ as in ‘not just harmful lasers’ – I’d like things like x-ray vision too.

– What is something you’d like to know about your readers? – Okay, I object to this question, because you’re not my ‘readers’, but a series of individuals whom I know different amounts about, and would like to engage with you each in different ways, and learning about all of you more is just the start of that engagement. But I’ll play your game, and say that I’d like to know what bits of my blog you like – the style, the content, me as a person, me as a writer, etc.

My nominations


Just Call Me Elm Or Something

Bear Next Door

Musings Of Puppy Doc

The Hoax Of A Digital Life

My Questions

1) On a scale of 1-10, how upset do you think I am that some of you blanked me last time?

2) On a scale of 1-10, how infantile do you think I am for not letting this go and turning a throwaway joke into a source of tedium?

3) Why does white bread exist?

4) Who shot the deputy?

5) Favourite member of the Hellmann’s Mayonnaise advert duo?

6) Contact sports or non-contact sports?

7) Painted fingernails or unpainted ones?

8) How many baby rhinoceroses could you fit in your underpants if you sewed them all together to make one huge pair of underpants?

9) Favourite kind of Brussels – sprout or city?

10) Vague questions or specific ones?

And with that, I eagerly await a Knighthood for my services to blogging; that’s the logical next step from two Liebster Awards, right?


4 thoughts on “The Liebster Award! Again!

    1. Can I take that as a good ‘I can’t even’?

      And I was honestly stuck for good questions after writing this post once already so I thought I’d take the piss. Now it’s your problem to deal with!

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