The End Of Exams, The End Of Insulin

(I’ve managed to go from feeling like a conquering hero to an infantile mess in like an hour)

Quick post today because I’m scrambling around St Pancras trying to find emergency insulin before going for a Nando’s that may not may not be cheeky with my friends. But exams are done, bringing with them that bitter sense of regret that you didn’t revise as hard as you should have and that you picked the hardest conceivable essay question while your friends all did an obviously easier one. I’ll write a full post-mortem in the coming days, but now I’m trying to stop myself from dying of hyperglycaemia. Hooray!


6 thoughts on “The End Of Exams, The End Of Insulin

  1. Reblogged this on bears goats and strawberries and commented:
    The days of exams. If taking British history, you mean to pay attention but its so “bueller, bueller” from “ferris bueller’s day off”. Still get a C when cheating and the professor knows it. Well, sir, it is Jeremy’s unshaved neck hair. James Ling & I are both having trouble. I would have brought a razor to class, but we ” respect personal expression”. 😀

      1. Thing is, I’m not used to them. The one round marea has two platforms and when I go to Waterloo I always get panicked because it’s too… Overwhelming?

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