The Pilot Of The Magical Camden Cheesemobile

(that’s three of these kind of posts in a month – my friend meets real celebrities, but I find the cool ones)

I was on my usual 1am stroll around the perimeter of Regent’s Park this morning, and I noticed a strange sight on the road to the north of the park, around London Zoo: the Magical Camden Cheesemobile.

The Magical Camden Cheesemobile is, as the name may suggest, a vehicle roughly in the shape of a block of edam: pointed at the front, spreading out to a slightly curved back end, and with a flat side at the bottom running parallel to the ground. It was also a dull orange, giving it the colour of the red-and-yellow cheese, and had tiny little triangular headlights poking out from its bonnet like mangled bits of wax wrapped jutting out from the smoothness of the rest of the coating. It was also small, having just two seats, so it could have been mistaken for a large piece of cheese, rather than a small vehicle in the shape of some cheese.

It was also blaring some weird music; I was listening to Anti-Flag’s excellent new album American Spring while walking, so I couldn’t hear it too clearly, but it certainly didn’t have lyrics, or a recognisable melody, or seemed to include instruments known to mankind. Obviously, to suggest that this is the work of aliens would be too easy, and would ignore the fact that the Pilot of the Magical Camden Cheesemobile was expertly obeying the human laws of the road; no, this is a decidedly human creation, although one infused with a power that is typically not associated with humans: magic.

I don’t know who the Pilot is, or why they were driving the Magical Camden Cheesemobile. Indeed, I don’t know where it was going, where it had come from, or the nature of its fly tunes. Unlike a lot of other local celebrities I’ve found, this one has left me decidedly in the dark, but really this only adds to the mystery and wonder around this experience: I’ve seen the Pilot of the Magical Camden Cheesemobile, and will never know more than that.


21 thoughts on “The Pilot Of The Magical Camden Cheesemobile

  1. 1. 1AM????!
    2. Sounds deliciously snazzy. Reminds me of the burger spongebob tried to ride in the Krusty Krab pizza episode. No idea why. Maybe it was the description of the erm vehicle.
    3. One. Ay. Em.
    4. 1am


      *ahem* That was an involuntary response. But yes, 1AM. This is the most diurnal walk I’ve been on in a while – normally I’m out between half 3 and half 4, and I can see the change from blackest night to clearest morning before my very eyes! It’s quite fantastic.

        I get you.
        I’m stunned. Your sleeping patterns are so..creative.

          1. Your sister is fabulous.
            You is fabulous. (But my Gahd dat sleeping pattern tho. Do you have late lectures?)


            1. First the 1am thing now this?
              I dare ask is there anything else?

              Have they like, tossed a load of work at you or something? Dude it’s nearly June.

            2. Well, the humanities at least. It makes sense because there isn’t much to ‘learn’ objectively as there is in something like medicine – ours is more based on reading what we like and thinking our own thoughts, which works better with lots of free time to make one’s own schedule rather than a single one imposed on everyone.

            3. And for that I respect you very much. I struggle to focus when getting through texts. I like the subject but English will never be for me. I don’t know how you can plough through bags of new reading, assuming it’s common to be told to do so. And keep up.

            4. XD did you develop an interest for that at a level?!
              (Excuse the questions; I promise I’ll shut up. You and an university are just very interesting.)

            5. I hadn’t read anything like that until this year – after two terms I was hooked :’)

              (and go for it, I’m one of the topics I’m most comfortable talking about!)

            6. Amazing. But now I do remember you writing a post on old words or something along those lines (if I’m wrong here YOUCH that’s embarrassing so *cough cough*)

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