I’m Taking A Break. Yet Again

(sorry about this)

I don’t like taking breaks from this thing – not least because at the end of the year WordPress gives you a ‘you wrote for x consecutive days’ notification and it pains me whenever that number isn’t 365 – but writing these has become an act of obligation, not creation, again, and the ungodly hours I’m awake at means these posts don’t conform to my daily routine as they did earlier in the year, but are a collection of random spots of written work produced whenever I tend to be awake and not playing American football (which is a rarity).

The worst part is that my life is about to get very fun and very busy in the next few weeks: there’s a flag football tournament tomorrow, my karate grading on Monday, a paintball trip, a ball, a BBQ, my birthday, probably some kind of teary we’re-all-having-to-move-away-from-London party and a hat-themed party all in the next three weeks.

I might set my birthday, the 25th of June, as my return date, but if I get bored and am writing by the 14th, or feel shitty and put it off until halfway through July, don’t stress. I’m still alive, and I’m still gonna write this thing. I’ll keep up with your posts and comments as best I can, but I apologise if I drop off the face of your Reader entirely for the next three weeks or so.

See ya in a bit.


12 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Break. Yet Again

      1. LOLOLOLOL
        I did not type that. My phone did.

        Aw. I’m aware that you have wanted to keep up a whole consecutive chunk; if it’s any consolation I’ll have kept it up for like, three days.
        You’ve done brilliantly.

          1. Hey now. Remember, quality over quantity. A phrase I’m sure has been echoed to you before. (I feel like I’m lecturing; I’ll shush)
            But DO COME BACK YEAH. Your blog is consistently entertaining. My reader’ll have a gap!

            1. WAIT WHAT NO
              The quality was never slipping. But then, I get that you’d be critical over your own work.

  1. Aww! I’m gonna miss yooou!
    But hey, at least you have a good reason for taking a break. I dropped off because my WiFi was down for like two days and then I just pretended that was a good excuse to not write for a month..
    Anyway, good luck with everything 🙂

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