Thunder And Quotes

(yeah, yeah, yeah, Thunderstruck)


That thing there, that looks like it was designed using an unholy combination of Microsoft Paint and Word 2003 while trying to imitate the visual style of the 2008 puzzle-platformer LittleBigPlanet, is the logo of the Encouraging Thunder Award. I’ve been nominated for this most prestigious of honours by the marvellous randommusings, meaning I’ve now collected more of the bally things than a mid-nineteenth century Russian prostitute has gathered STIs. Having now alienated all the people who may have been interested in reading my response to this award, I will get on with said response. First, the rules:

1) Post it on your blog

The fact that this rule exists on this site is a testament to my completion of this task.

2) Add the Encouraging Thunder logo

See my response to the first question.

3) Nominate other bloggers for the award

Izzy Mehmet and Lewis J Hooper, because I think those are the only two friends I have on here who I’ve not tagged in one of these things.

4) Explain your purpose for blogging

Initially it was to motivate myself to write on a regular basis to turn my dream of being a writer into something more achievable by actually writing and improving my skill instead of thinking about how good I’d be if I actually wrote stuff. Then it was to repay all the people who dignified this crappy little blog with their views, likes and comments; I feel like I owe a massive debt to anyone who engages with this blog on any level, and I consider writing more posts to be the best way to repay them. Now, I’m realising that this blog is a pretty handy portfolio for any writery things I want to do in the future; I’ve put this on my Cambridge application, CV, and two job applications with nothing but pride and a sense of achievement.

Also, I have an unhealthy obsession with streaks; once I’ve been writing for a month solid, I never want to stop.

5) Thank the person who nominated you

I’ve already done that! Stupid questions.

But wait, there’s more, like a post-credits scene or the mythical Episode Four level of the original Lego Star Wars game that me and my friends could never unlock, but totally existsRandommusings has also nominated me for the Quote Challenge:

1) For three consecutive days, give one of your favourite quotes

As luck would have it, I have a note full of these on my phone!

‘If you hate your parents, the man, or the establishment, don’t show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents, out-learn them, outlive them, and know more than they do’ – Henry Rollins

Rollins is a former frontman of American hardcore punk legends Black Flag. This quote attacks rebellion for the sake of rebellion, and tells us that there has to be a meaning behind the things that we do, instead of the superficial and one-dimensional pleasure of being a rebel for the sake of being a rebel, that has no more intellectual justification than doing things because they’re tradition, which is often the argument that people who oppose establishment hate the most. While I personally don’t need to rebel against my parents, and I live in a democratic country where intelligent political thought is always going to trump random violent revolution, it’s an important lesson regardless, that of doing things for a reason, not because they’re there to be done.

2) Nominate three bloggers with each post to challenge them

Oh come on, I’m out of blogging friends! I’ll do one with each post, and start by being annoying – Jack Monroe, you’re up!


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