How Are You Doing?

(for once a sincere title on this blog!)

I spend a lot of this blog telling you how I’m doing. Considering its name and origins, you could even say that’s its point, to relate the life and opinions of James Patrick Casey, wanker. But I care about you guys, not just as little blue pixels filling up the stubby ‘views’ bar on my Stats page, but as people with things to say and conversations to make; this is why I try to read your posts, instead of just writing my own and expecting you to flock to me, and hang off my every word in a painfully one-sided relationship that closely resembles that between a hoard of wasps and an absolutely ungodly amount of jam left unattended at a picnic table.

But I am not discarded jam, and you are not part of a gaggle of mindless filthy creatures. Probably. And so I ask you: how are you doing?


6 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

        1. Do you have an actual phobia of them? I just find them irritating.

          And I missed out on Pride 😥 Had relatives round, and it was nice to see them, but I’d have liked to go to that instead. Still, that’s only a minor annoyance – things are going well regardless.

            1. Ah. I’ll not send you a hoard of wasps as a you-did-exams present then.

              But it was nice to see them again, and there’ll be more Prides! It was also kinda a birthday thing for me, so I might not have been able to piss off so easily.

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