My Favourite YouTube Songs

(considering this is a post about YouTube the title really ought to be in capital letters and include Dan and Phil in some capacity)

It’s fair to say that I grew up on the Internet. Maybe not intellectually, and certainly not biologically, but the random collection of memes, references and Charlie McDonnell videos I know so well has been the single biggest contributor to my cultural identity. Even more so than my beloved punk scene, and my less-beloved-but-apparently-important reading of Tristram Shandy. A big part of this was music, acoustic songs and cartoons by people with more time on their hands than friends, or more ideas in their heads than pounds to invest in a full band; this post is dedicated to the kids in their bedrooms with an acoustic guitar, the wannabe singers who can’t use Logic for shit and so have to rely on parodies for originality, and MrWeebl. Let’s get started.

1) Charlie McDonnell – In The Absence Of Christmas

A sombre, melodic look at the fragmented relationship between holidays with a definite tim Burton vibe to it. It also includes an appropriately Internet-y instrument (the melodica) and includes the awkward sorry-for-not-doing-this-before-but-real-life-got-in-the-way intro that was once a hallmark of the vlogging genre, but has since sadly been phased out as people start vlogging for a living.

2) Savlonic – Electro Gypsy

The story of a man who really rather needs a generator, which spawned the epic ‘Yamaha & Moog & Casio’ shirt that is specific enough to refer to a particular song, but vague enough to make the uneducated think you just really like brands of keyboards. The band has since gone on to release several music videos, and a full-length album, but its greater cultural impact has been liberating the toothbrush moustache from the lip of Hitler and placing it at the forefront of a fun electropop group.

3) Emma Blackery – My Thoughts On Google+

A recent addition to the pantheon of British vlogging greats, as is all of Emma Blackery’s YouTube career to be fair, that combines the uke-bashing trope of YouTube music and the inherent cynicism that is embedded in people from Essex from an early age. Also I’m not sure of the actual title of this one, helping it transcend further to the realm of ‘Things You Can Hear Quoted At YouTUbe Gatherings Without Anyone Knowing Where They Actually Came From’ even faster.

4) Littlekuriboh – LEATHER PANTS~!

With an exclamation mark and capital letters in the title, this superlative parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance deserves every one of its four and a half million views. Enjoyed either as part of the expansive Abridging subculture on YouTube, as the second part of LK’s superb Lady Gaga song parody trilogy, or even as a funny pants-themed song by itself, the king of parody shows the kids how it’s done once again.

5) ShadyVox, Nowacking and BreeFaithVA – Pony Rock Anthem

One of few unashamedly poppy songs that I genuinely enjoy (along with a certain ‘Shake It Off’), this is one of those rare brony songs that can be enjoyed by non-bronies (such as myself). It is also led by former abridger, and current professional pop-punk musician, ShadyVox, who can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.


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