A Good Day

(not quite this good day)

There are some days that are awesome, and are often the result of months of work or a genuine commitment to the affairs of a friend, and fill you with both ecstasy and relief; like qualifying for your first continental competition on Football Manager. Equally, other days piss you off and are like a series of nutshots in which all your dreams somehow come crashing down at once, because you failed to do a single important or difficult task; like your first relegation on Football Manager.

But today was neither; it was simply a good day. I sorted some admin-type things at the bank, saw a flat that we might genuinely be interested in renting, and got a reply from an online music magazine about writing for them. None of these things are life-changing, but have the possibility to set up greater things, things like helping to decide on a place to live, or helping me write for a larger and more specific audience than you fine (if not vast) folks.

I’d kinda forgotten the value of good days in this regard. This year has been all peaks and troughs, with new friends mirroring crappy end-of-year results, and streaks of sporting and written projects broken up by months of inaction and replaying inFamous 2. After my useful, but pretty melodramatic, moping on my own inability to produce the best novel ever written by mankind yesterday, I realised that success doesn’t have to be a massive intellectual undertaking, but can be as simple as doing basic, functional adulty things. When you’re in the bubble of academia, or in the midst of endless social engagements, you can become desensitised to seeing the bigger picture or making awesome memories all the time; I know I’ve been. And sure, the day I reset my online banking login details won’t be particularly memorable in a year’s time, but today it helped me stop feeling so uselessly lethargic.

Baby steps, James.


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