I Am Pissed Off Beyond Words

(which is probably a hallmark of a bad writer but whatever)

I’ve frakked up. Really quite badly this time – well, ‘really’ within the confines of being a cis, white able-bodied man with a roof over his head and food in his fridge – and the worst part is I can’t fix it without considerable, and tedious, effort or waiting around, which is equally tedious. I’m also too pissed off to write about the things I wanted to write about today, which is a bummer for those of you that were expecting something more engaging than a series of half-censored swears about my own inadequacies when dealing with a company whose name I’ve had to fully censor because I don’t quite want to burn my bridges before I’ve stepped on them. But by gods I’m standing there with a tinderbox and a selfie stick to document the whole tragic affair as a kind of masochistic coping method.


18 thoughts on “I Am Pissed Off Beyond Words

  1. I’m so confused. And not because it’s 12;03 (I’m wide awake and am about to eat a burger so..)

            1. I…I suppose I have no choice but to do so. *heroically(?) signs name into sorry acceptance book*

              Dare I ask; is my apology accepted? Twas sincerely. Almost 😛

            2. *tucks into erm, grub*
              DISSOLVED! LIKE, uh, chemical stuff I learnt about in chemistry (YAY I KNOW NOTHING) -_-

            3. Is your new best friend! (Yes paramore)
              Good for you! Does it feel satisfactory?

    1. If I wanted / was able to go into details I’d have gone into them. I’m totally over it now though – check my comment thread with Z to see my gradual psychological reconstruction (or destruction…).

      Thank you though 🙂

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