I Need A Title

(I meant for this post, not for me as a bloody brand)

I work from titles down. Sometimes, if I have a longer, more sophisticated idea that’s the result of weeks of pondering and note-making (like my response to the Sam Pepper allegations months ago), I’ll have the conclusion in my mind when I start writing, and I just fill in the gaps as I go. But most posts start with a title, and ramble from there, and I rely on recycled jokes and tediously multi-claused metaphors to pad out my loose, rambling style and make it into something halfway readable, occasionally entertaining, and sometimes even informative.

This post, for instance, started with that title because I couldn’t think of an idea for a post, and so needed a title to get me going. Now, I’ve deviated from that idea to writing about ideas and inspiration in general, now I’m writing about writing about those things. It’d be a meta-post if it wasn’t so shit.

I quite like busking like this, throwing ideas around in my head, and developing one into another like branches of a tree growing from each other over hundreds of years, each dependent upon yet different to the last. But I tidy a lot of that up when I write. I’ll trim the excess branches into a single, narrow column of foliage, that’s easy to follow.

This time, however, I’m writing things as I think of them, confused metaphors and all. I don’t think this is really going anywhere, nor does it actually say much. But it says.

*witty conclusion*


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