Sorry For Clogging Up Your Facebook Feed

(*plays sad song on the world’s smallest violin*)

I realise that this post is aimed exclusively at people who don’t read this blog, so you’ll have to forgive me for the pointlessness of verbalising this particular thought. But I’ve been thinking recently, that if my maximum number of views from clicks on Facebook hovers around six per day, that leaves about 544 people who haven’t clicked on any of my posts that day. Using these rough numbers as a scale to represent all Facebook-based viewership (which is inaccurate but let’s run with it for a bit), 98.9% of my friends on Facebook consider these posts Newsfeed-filling blocks, as opposed to things to be read.

Obviously, not all of my Facebook friends are real friends; many are acquaintances from my primary schools who I’ve not spoken to in years, and only added because when you’re thirteen and you first get Facebook, you add literally every name you can remember in an attempt to not appear lonely. There aren’t honestly like 550 real-life organisms I interact with regularly and meaningfully enough to call them friends. Nor do I expect my real-life friends to read these things; I stick them on Facebook passively, as opposed to linking them to individual friends and guilting them into reading them, because things like blog posts should be fun to read as well as write, and if I’m forcing people to read them half of the posts’ purpose falls apart.

So I’m sorry that a lot of these posts aren’t aimed at you, aren’t relevant to you, or might be written by a prick with no real relation to you; but I’m gonna keep writing stuff until someone pays me for it.

(on that note, please check out my work over on The News Hub if you’d like, it’s a journalism platform that actually pays some of its writers!)


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