Maya, Stop Being Difficult With Your Questions

(how dare people try to interact with me)

A few weeks ago I was nominated for some awards, and dutifully nominated other bloggy people for them; one such person was Maya, who has now thrown a spanner into the works of this whole charade, by turning the endless stream of socially-awkwardness-powered questioning and answering back on itself and, more specifically, back on me. Alternatively, this is a good idea for a post on a day where I’m rather uninspired, so I’ll take this idea and run with it.

1) What is with these deep intellectual questions? I’m just a deep person. Like, really deep. Deeper than a giraffe’s swimming pool.

2) Why did you put me through that? Because I’m an arsehole x

3) My head is genuinely now sore. That’s not a question, Maya. You lose.

What am I doing with my life?


6 thoughts on “Maya, Stop Being Difficult With Your Questions

  1. “How dare people try and interact with me”
    Oh dear God.
    My headphones just fell apart. (Yeah.)
    I’m leaning back on my chair (well not anymore) and laughed so hard I hit my head on the wall.

            No but seriously I laugh so hard at some posts. I have like no diaphragm anymore.

            1. Okay, bodily harm I’ll accept responsibility for. My bad.

              Also stop repressing things you caps-locked fool! The things that make us different are the things that make us awesome, as a great man once said.

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