To The End Of The Line

(every time I think of trains I think of the asdfmovie series and Rise Against)

I’m on a train at the moment, as a result of my insatiable hunger to play dodgeball in places that are really bloody far away, and will be guided by Our Lord and Saviour Citymapper to Moorgate, the stop at the end of the line.

The last stops of trains and buses are weird things; they’re the point at which the commuters end their association with the service, while the drivers wheel their engines back the other way to begin again, the same route in another direction. A terminated bus would be rather a nice metaphor for the division between the cogs of society and those who look at the watch faces on top.

It’s also the point at which commuters lose their depence on the means of transportation. Whether you have to walk or find another bus to reach your destination, you’re still having to engage your own legs, and find your own route (even if the aforementioned deity of Citymapper is heavily involved in that finding).

But, most of all, such thoughts allow me to tap out pretentious blog posts while killing time on a train, surely to the benefit of society.


9 thoughts on “To The End Of The Line

  1. Or maybe it’s the point at which one of the most reliable forms of transport can carry you no further, leaving you to rely on your own abilities, and highlighting the weaknesses of human nature when it comes to traversing cities we made ourselves… It’s a metaphor, Hazel Grace.

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