Gah, I’m Taking Another Break

(take that, posting streak!)

It’s finally happened. For the first time in my life I’ve made an error. Not in the sense that I can’t think of a post idea, or that I can’t be bothered to write, but a more profound logistical error; I finally have too many projects ongoing that I can’t do all of them.

Here’s the roll call: this blog (updated daily), my News Hub work (updated roughly thrice a week), my Sportsemic stuff (updated like every other day), my Public Pressure stuff (I’ve only written twice for this, but that’ll increase soon), my novel (I’ve now skipped two day solid), a couple of Old Icelandic Sagas, learning Old English basically from scratch, reading the life’s work of Geoffrey Chaucer, and the surprisingly stressful and time-consuming business of finding a flat. In the next month, I plan to move out, massively step up my karate training and start up both my other two blogs, writing both reactionary pieces and poems.

It’s not that I don’t have time for all these things – if I’m up for sixteen hours a day, this stuff doesn’t take sixteen solid hours – but the breaks in between my working periods are being squeezed to nothingness. I love writing, but when it’s all you do, your mind starts swimming with words and worlds, or types of noun and the pluperfect tense, and you quickly cross the dangerous line between creation and obligation. And while these things are, in a very real sense, obligations, I fundamentally do them because they’re fun and engaging, challenging yet enjoyable breaks from playing Dragon Age all day. But now there are too many such projects, to the point where quality is dipping as is, more importantly, my interest in keeping up with them; even this post is rambly and weary enough, and gods know I don’t have time this evening to check it.

So, in the short term, this blog will have to take the hit. I don’t want to put a timescale on my return, because this could either be a rough few days or the start of a very stressful month, but I will be back at some point.

Sorry for my impending ignorance of all your posts, and I’ll see you later.


16 thoughts on “Gah, I’m Taking Another Break

      1. *sniffles*

        I’ve been reduced to physical responses. I can’t even process like, sentences.
        (We’ll pretend that didn’t just backfire.)

  1. I did wonder where your posts had been. Obviously this one didn’t show on my reader page.

    Hope everything’s good though!

      1. Aw don’t apologise (thank you though ). They’ve all been pretty depressing lately anyway!

        Good luck with all the bits and bobs you’re sorting.


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